The Editors

'It's all in the edit', but rarely are editors and edit houses thrust into the limelight. Instead, they quietly create their magic behind closed doors. For the Editors, the thing that makes them one of Australia's most renowned editing powerhouses is their talent; the editors themselves.

Project Details

Nectar & Co

Client: The Editors
Project: Branding & Web Design
Year: 2020

Creative Direction

So, after many years of living under one identity, Nectar was briefed with the task of re-imagining the Editors for 2020. Focusing on the origins and concept of the original identity, we simplified and modernised the brand with a hero brand mark that acted as a beacon for use in digital, print, and social, whilst naturally encompassing the brand name itself.

Rolling out across their branded collateral and website, we designed a minimal website to house their roster of editors, showcase their work, and present their studios in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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