With a number of environmental, financial, legal, and geographic challenges to navigate at every step of the way, it's fair to say shipping bulk commodities across the globe is no mean feat. What is more impressive, is doing this successfully for over 40 years across 30+ offices around the world; introducing Monson.

Project Details

Nectar & Co

Client: Monson
Project: Strategy, Identity & Digital
Year: 2022

Communications Strategy
Creative Direction
Collateral Design
Web Design & Development

With recent investment from Five V Capital, a focus on the development of new technology, and growth on the horizon, Monson appointed Nectar & Co to refine and modernise the communication of their business, services, and visual identity.

Working extensively with their team for over 6 months we implemented a refined communications strategy and re-design of their brand identity which focused on their collective experience as a team, their commitment to clients, and their independent development of innovative technology.

Amplifying all of the work and services they provide behind the scenes we successfully reimagined their identity and communicated the fact that shipping isn’t just about moving cargo from A to B; it's about everything in between and beyond.

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