Harvest Bites

Covid-19 swooped in and shook the core of many self-sufficient, successful brands, and in doing so, forced a radical shift in the way businesses operated and communicated with their audiences.

Project Details

Nectar & Co

Client: Ozharvest
Project: Harvest Bites
Year: 2020

Creative Direction
Social Media

Traditionally relying on restaurants, catering companies, and food retailers to supply surplus food that would normally go to waste for the purpose of feeding those in need; Covid-19 devastated both the hospitality industry and many of OzHarvest's revenue streams and food donations.

The solution; HarvestBites. An innovative meal delivery service backed and supported by some of Australia's most widely known chefs and restaurants, Nectar & Co was tasked with naming, branding, and building an eCommerce website to launch the new business and generate revenue quickly.

Stepping up to the challenge from the comfort of our own homes during lock-down, we facilitated Zoom workshops, presented naming ideas, designed a new identity, and built a website in less that 2 weeks.

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