Full-service digital brand solutions for one of the world's most recognised technology brands.

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Nectar & Co

Client: Dyson
Project: Discover Dyson
Year: Present

Film Production

Providing full-service digital brand solutions to one of the world's most recognised technology brands, we're proud to have worked with Dyson for over 6 years and continue to support their Australian and New Zealand offices with a range of services.

Reporting directly to multiple departments across AU and NZ, we serve as the first point of contact for a variety of outputs spanning digital design, animation, development, and digital media.

From corporate promotions with some of Australia's biggest brands, to digitising complex B2B and B2C communications, our work has seen us provide strategic solutions spanning the returns and redemptions of promotional items, market research, media asset creation, and video production. Our lasting relationship with Dyson is one we continue to develop.

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