In a world of bedroom brands and influencer led products that come and go, the longevity of such brands is often short-lived unless they evolve and develop their products, and build richer, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Project Details

Nectar & Co

Client: Boose
Project: Boose Rebrand
Year: 2020

Creative Direction
Product Renders & Animation
Shopify eCommerce

Seeing fantastic success and sales in a short period of time, Boose Blend recognised their positioning in market and the opportunity to evolve and capitalise on the interest from so many early adopters of their portable blender.

Approaching Nectar with the brief of simply 'refreshing' their identity, we proposed a full rebrand and redesign of their packaging to truly make their mark and become a market leader, both locally and globally.

Trusting our approach and recommendations, we worked with the Boose Blend team to visually and verbally differentiate their brand and product through a strategic communications plan that tapped into multiple customer profiles, their lifestyles, and scenarios of product use. Rolling out a bold rebrand, a redesign of their packaging, and Shopify website, we developed a suite of product assets spanning digital, print, and video, with more exciting developments to come soon.

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